Kingdom of Lesotho

Population: 2 million



  • Total area:  30,355 sq km, about the size of Belgium
  • A mountainous country completely surrounded by South Africa; only 11% is arable

Religious Diversity

  • 89.31% Christian
  • 9.5% Ethnoreligionist
  • 0.80% Baha’i
  • 0.25% Non-religious
  • 1.10% Hindu
  • 0.04% Muslim


2prayClaim this scriptural promise Psalm 138:3 as you pray for Lesotho.

Praise and pray for God’s work in the Kingdom of Lesotho.

  • Praise the LORD for bringing a new volunteer to work with the Student Led Movement (SLM).
  • Thank GOD for providing the new accountant for the ministry.
  • We are grateful for the pastors who are willing to offer their time to help with the SLM.
  • Pray for safety, good health and protection for all in Lesotho.
  • Ask God to show staff members how to provide and expand ministry opportunities
  • As the ministry rebuilds, pray it will take shape and be fully functional and bear much fruit. 
  • Pray God will enable the staff team to discover faithful ministry partners.

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Prayers: 906

  • There has been freedom of religion.  The people of Lesotho have been largely Christian for generations but traditionalism and nominalism are widespread both in the Catholic Church and the Lesotho Evangelical Church.  The rapid increase in the number of newer churches with evangelistic zeal has challenged the mainline Churches to become more spiritually vital and relevant.  A nation-wide prayer movement has brought a new dynamism to the witness of believers, but this vision needs to be maintained.
  • The JESUS film is being widely used in English and Sotho and is effective in
    planting new churches.  The newer, evangelical, Pentecostal and charismatic denominations and agencies have seen growth.  The mainline, Catholic and
    Pentecostal churches in Lesotho have been under local leadership for many
    years, but a new level of leadership is emerging in the charismatic churches.