Republic of Mozambique

Population: 23.4 million 



  • Total area: 799,380 sq km – slightly less than the size
    of Turkey.
  • Bordered by the Indian Ocean to the east, Tanzania to the north, Malawi and Zambia to the northwest, Zimbabwe to the west and Swaziland, and South
    Africa to the southwest.

Religious Diversity

  • 46.48% Christian
  • 32.08% Ethnoreligionist
  • 18.60% Muslim
  • 2.80% Non-religious
  • 0.04% Hindu

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Praise and prayer requests:

  • We are grateful to the LORD God for His wonderful works in the following:
    • God has being faithful in protecting the staff throughout this period of the global pandemic. No staff has been officially declared of covid contamination. However we have had one volunteer taking Covid treatment at home, and being healed despite not being tested.
    • We are enjoying freedom of worship and religion in the country, which is beneficial to our ministry activities.
    • God has enabled the ministry to acquire a piece of land to build is permanent office. Last year, we saw the effects of land grabbing as half the plot was unlawfully sold to other people. In the end of March, after about a month of dispute, we witnessed God’s miracle as the stolen portion of land was returned to the ministry.
    • In SLM, despite the Covid restriction measures, students have been able to carry on their ministry activities using online platforms, and for this year we have elected the mentoring of student leaders as ministry priority.
    • For GCM we have welcomed a new staff member to coordinate the ministry activities, he was trained together with his wife, and both are excited and committed to the ministry cause.
    • The professional’s ministry is also ongoing with online activities. They have emphasized online prayer meetings as a way to keep ministry activities and curb Covid restriction measures.
    • Under Leadership ministry, we have the women’s ministry with The Significant Woman ministry, which has been actively ongoing. They have now formed two groups, with altogether 12 women meeting regularly every week, and there are plans to expand the ministry to two more groups of women.

Prayer points:

We are praying and trusting God for the following needs:

    • Total peace in the country where we are facing increasing instability due to the growing insurgency in the northern part of Mozambique, and also armed incursions in the central part of Mozambique from the former rebel group’s breakaway faction.
    • In the month of February the Campus Crusade Mozambique office was broken into and one digital projector, one digital camera, one laptop, some money and other materials were stolen. The police refused to investigate, even after we tipped the name of the suspect, because the ministry refused to bribe the police officers and the case has been frozen. So we rested this issue in God’s hands.
    • Pray for Gods provision as we are planning to build ministry office in the plot we acquired for Campus Crusade for Christ.  Pray God will give us the right approach to raise funds locally to start the wall fence, and then the office building, to ensure the ministry will have a permanent office address.

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Prayers: 1068

  • Peace after 30 years of war and for the genuine efforts by politicians to maintain peace.
  • Mozambique has religious freedom for the first time in its history.
  • Praise God for very fast church growth.  Intense suffering created spiritual hunger.
  • Most congregations are led by men and women with little or no education and very few have theological training of any kind.
  • Mozambique is one of the world’s poorest countries.
  • It is broken and wounded from colonial neglect and three decades of civil war.
  • AIDS is a major challenge, with 16% of the adult population HIV-positive.