Republic of Namibia

Population: 2.2 million



  • Total area: 825,418 sq km, about two and a half times the size of Norway
  • Predominantly arid, semi-desert; the driest African land south of the equator

Religious Diversity

  • 91.44% Christian
  • 4.52% Ethnoreligionist
  • 4% Non-religious
  • 0.04% Jewish

2prayClaim the scriptural promise of 2 Peter 3:9 as you pray for Namibia!

Praise and Prayer Requests

  • Praise God for peace and the country leadership during the Covid crisis.
  • Pray our local and regional elections this month will be peaceful.
  • Praise God for the Hope 2020 allocations received from SEA.
  • Pray Campus Crusade for Christ Namibia finishes the year well with consistency, courage and perseverance.
  • Pray for rest and encouragement during our staff retreat this month.
  • Ask God to strengthen and increase our operations team.
  • Pray for the speaker and good attendance for our Leader Impact forum, November 11th. 
  • Pray for the City Team to facilitate their last forum of the year, three additional team members, register their first group and plan for 2021.    
  • Praise God for the recent virtual Student Led Movement conference.
  • Praise God for the impact on student’s lives using the Practical Christian Living (PCL).
  • Pray for students as they are currently in exams.
  • Praise God a Digital Strategies team has formed.  Pray the DS leader will discover and develop more ministry partners.
  • Ask God for wisdom and direction as our team makes plans for next year.

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Prayers: 896

  • Namibia for a long time had the highest percentage of Christians for any country in Africa. German and Finnish Lutheran and then Anglican missionaries gave birth to large denominations.  The influence of liberal and then black theology eroded that spiritual heritage, and true discipleship and holy living are now in short supply and nominalism widespread.
  • Please pray for more dependence on the LORD.  The major denominational seminary in the country has been influenced by black and liberation theology to the spiritual impoverishment of lowering of moral standards for leaders and followers and reliance on occultism rather than on God.
  • Praise that in recent years the evangelical witness has been strengthened through new additional missionary thrusts.
  • Pray the LORD will raise up strong national leaders in all spheres of the ministry.
  • Praise that all the major languages have full Bibles.
  • Pray the Ministry of Education will allow the ministry to start prayer groups in the schools.