The Union of the Comoros

Population: approximately 700,000
comoros ladies



  • Group of islands in Indian Ocean at the northern mouth of the Mozambique Channel.
  • Total area: 2,235 sq km, slightly smaller than Luxembourg

Religious Diversity

  • 98.84% Muslim
  • 0.93% Christian
  • 0.14% Non-religious
  • 0.09% Hindu

Claim this scriptural promise John 8:32 as you pray for The Comoros!

  • Praise God for the 15 years Campus Crusade for Christ has ministered in Mauritius.
  • Praise the LORD for His enabling to send two staff members as full-time missionaries to the southern part of the island.
  • Thank God for genuine partnerships and quality people helping expand the Kingdom of God.
  • Pray we will stay focused on Christ’s return and stay mentally alert, recognizing the grace we have because of His death on the cross. Pray we will be obedient to the Father in all of life and grow in the knowledge of God’s holiness practicing the fear of the LORD in all we do and say.
  • Pray for the upcoming JESUS Film Project Conference for Indian Ocean Countries in Mauritius. Pray the vision, equipping and empowering will result in using the JESUS Film app, church planting, Multiplying Churches and Communities, Training for Trainers and more.
  • Pray for God to provide more key leaders, a ministry vehicle and fund development strategies for self-sustaining movements.

Prayers: 151

The vast majority of the population is Muslim. They were almost completely un-evangelized before 1973. Islamic fundamentalism is on the rise. However, most are involved in occult practices through witchcraft, curses and spirit possession. Many young people – disillusioned with life in this society that offers so little hope – attempt to find solace in drugs, sex or the opportunity to leave the islands. Pray that they might have opportunities to hear the gospel of life that offers hope to all.

There are severe restrictions on Christians. Evangelism is forbidden, and those who convert to Christianity can expect severe reprisals from the community and from their own family. Harassment and persecution have risen in frequency and intensity in recent years. Pray for courage for those choosing to follow Jesus, and wisdom for all who must walk out their faith in this hostile atmosphere.