Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Population: 85 million
ethiopian traditional meal
A traditional Ethiopian meal


  • Total area: 1,104,300 sq km, slightly larger than twice the size of France
  • Landlocked – entire coastline along the Red Sea was lost with the de jure independence of Eritrea on 24 May 1993

Religious Diversity

  • 60.68% Christian
  • 34.10% Muslim
  • 3.70% Ethnoreligionist
  • 1.5% Non-religious
  • 0.02% Baha’i

2pray Employ the scripture Psalm 86:6 as you pray for Ethiopia!

 Please pray for the crisis in Ethiopia:

  • Ethiopia’s year-long conflict in the north is threatening to escalate into a widening civil war.
  • The war has killed tens of thousands of people, forced millions from their homes and caused a huge humanitarian toll.
  • Northern Ethiopia is facing a worsening humanitarian crisis each day with millions of people in urgent need of assistance.
  • On Friday (11/26), the UN’s World Food Program (WFP) said the number of people requiring food aid in the country’s north had surged to more than nine million.
  • No humanitarian convoys have entered the region since mid-October, despite the need for at least 100 trucks a day to meet the local population’s most basic needs.
  • Pray for a diplomatic solution to this conflict which has the support of the African Union, Ethiopia’s immediate neighbors, and the international community.
  • Pray many people on both sides of this conflict will turn to the Prince of Peace and receive the gift of salvation He offers.

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Prayers: 1114

  • North Ethiopia was one of the first Christian nations – from the 4th century.  The Ethiopian Orthodox Church became the State Church from 1270 until the 1974 revolution. The government seeks to deal even-handedly with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and the increasingly active and growing Muslim minority.
  • Sustained and remarkable growth of evangelical numbers over the years is praiseworthy. Since the deposition of Haile Selassie in 1974, evangelicals have grown from 5% to 20%, a near-tenfold increase. The greatest growth has been in the last 20 years, and there are many signs that growth will continue, since outward vision and courageous evangelism continue.