Republic of Kenya

Population: 40.8 million
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  • Total area: 580,367 sq km, approximately the same size as France and Belgium combined.
  • The Kenyan Highlands comprise one of the most successful agricultural production regions in Africa.  Glaciers are found on Mount Kenya, Africa’s second highest peak.

Religious Diversity

  • 82.61% Christian
  • 8.32% Muslim
  • 7.21% Ethnoreligionist
  • 0.98% Baha’i
  • 0.41% Hindu
  • 0.23% Non-religious
  • 0.19% Other
  • 0.05% Sikh

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Praise and prayer requests:

Life Ministry Kenya will be celebrating her 50th anniversary in the next 3 years. Pray for God’s grace and favour to enter into stage 3 country status in our Jubilee celebration characterized by:

    • Fully funded teams and financial stability of the organization.
    • Self-sustaining organization, teams and regional ministry centres.
    • Building a sustainable and generous ministry.
    • The Jabavu Resource Centre operating according to the original plan and vision.
    • Pray for the sustainability of our newly reopened regional offices for:
    • God’s provision for the development of property in Nakuru and Eldoret to expand God’s work in the North Rift and South Rift regions of the country.
    • Provision of 1.5 million K shillings ($13,500) to purchase property in Nyandarua.
    • Successful transfer of Kilifi property and the development of the same to impact coastal unreached communities with the gospel.
    • Pray for a successful partner’s open day set for 30th October 2021.
    • Praise and thank the Lord for a successful transition of board members in February.
    • Thank the Lord for the preservation of the lives of our staff members in this Covid pandemic.

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Kenya remains a regional and continental hub for Christian mission, theological education and church ministry. The troubles in the region make this reality all the more strategic.

Kenya’s long-term stability cannot be taken for granted. Droughts in the north caused the deaths of 80% of the livestock, and the decrease of pasturelands causes violent clashes among various ethnic groups claiming the resources. Fragile ecosystems, overdue land reform, widening gaps between rich and poor, increasingly scarce water, rapidly expanding urban slums and burgeoning populations of street children/AIDS orphans all point to future tensions. Many of these issues were components of the ethnic violence and political crisis of 2007-08. Pray for peace, for wise governance and for practical solutions that can be implemented effectively.

There is full freedom of religion and much of the population professes to be Christian- including many in leadership. Kenya has 36%, or 13 million, Evangelicals – Africa’s highest percentage and nearly equal to all Evangelicals in Europe.

Almost all national ministries are now operating under Kenyan leadership, whether in pioneer outreach, Bible teaching or in service ministries. Nairobi is a key hub for ministry in Africa and beyond. Many international Christian organizations have their continental offices based there.