Kingdom of eSwatini

Population: 1.2 million
swazi-reed dance



  • Total area: 17,364 sq km, slightly smaller than Slovenia.
  • Small landlocked enclave between Mozambique and South Africa

Religious Diversity

  • 84.68% Christian
  • 12.20% Ethnoreligionist
  • 1.50% Non-religious
  • 1.00% Muslim
  • 0.48% Baha’i
  • 0.14% Hindu

2prayClaim the scriptural promise of Philippians 1:6 as you pray for Eswatini!

Praise and prayer requests:

  • Praise & prayer requests for THE KINGDOM OF ESWATINI (SWAZILAND)

    • Praise and thank God for protecting staff members and families during the political unrest.
    • Pray our political leaders will reach a mutual agreement for peace and stability.
    • Thank the LORD for four new interns. Pray they will be fruitful and effective as they discover and develop ministry partners.
    • Thank God the Student Led Movement (SLM) using “Study for Success” in two months now has ministry presence in seven high schools.
    • Pray for 100 student leaders in five campuses in the next five months.
    • Thank God for raising 14 SLM volunteers participating in win, build and send.
    • Praise God for training of trainers for ”Study for Success” in April. We now have  35 volunteers, staff members and student leaders qualified as trainers.
    • Praise God for the successful Church planting campaign and the many souls won for Christ.
    • We are grateful for God opening new avenues of ministry resulting from the church planting campaign: new partnerships with church denominations have been developed.
    • Pray our tenants will be faithful in paying rent.
    • Pray our unoccupied offices will rent. Pray for the Sikhuphe land development.
    • Pray our staff team will quickly learn new systems, NetSuite, MPDX, Power Bl and pray we will discover new ministry partners leading to ministry sustainability.
    • Please pray for effective follow up for church planting initiates still ongoing.
    • Thank God for two committed volunteers showing the JESUS film and pray for additional equipment.

    Thank you for praying and clicking “YES, I’VE PRAYED.”

Prayers: 973

  • African independent churches have gained a following of over half the population especially among men.  Their beliefs  range from an evangelical theological position to a high degree of compromise with polygamy, witchcraft, ancestor veneration and appeasement sacrifices.
  • The large "Zionist" movement strongly emphasizes both Pentecostal gifts and traditional African spiritual customs.  Pray these groups might be shaped by Scripture and directed by the Holy Spirit.  Pray also for increased interaction between Zion and evangelical churches; this will teach and benefit both groups.