Republic of Madagascar

Population: 20.1 million-97% Malagasy- mixed African, Indonesian and Arab origin




  • Fourth largest island in the world
  • Slightly larger than France

Religious Diversity

  • 53.33% Christian
  • 37.65% Ethnoreligionist
  • 8.00% Muslim
  • 0.24% Non-religious
  • 0.23% Other
  • 0.15% Hindu
  • 0.10% Chinese
  • 0.10% Baha’i

2prayReflect on Acts 1:14 as you pray for Madagascar!

Praise and prayer requests:

  • Pray for our National Team Leader as we focus on national plan for the next 12 months and beyond.
  • Pray the administration team updates the NetSuite financial report well.
  • Pray for the Global Church Movement team traveling from Mahajanga in Mitsinjo and Soalala to train local church members through evangelism tools, reaching the entire region by JESUS Film showings and planting new churches, 17-31 July.
  • Thank God for opening door to collaborate with Anglican church in Ramainandro Faratsiho. Pray the follow-ups done by Jesus Film partners will see faithful growth in Christ.
  • Pray the LORD will give wisdom to the Student Led Movement team and enable them to complete translation of materials for the CrossRoads Seminar
  • Pray the LeaderImpact strategies will help us move up one level at a time and see movement in our country.
  • Pray the National Prayer Coordinator, with God’s help, will strengthen organizational and personal prayer potential.  
  • Pray the Lord continues to protect all staff members from Covid 19
  • Pray for the Global Church Movement team as they train church planters from Anaviavy Betroka, Mahajamba MAHAJANGA, Soavina Nosy Varika, Antsampanana Brickaville from 28 to 30 July in Antananarivo.
  • Pray for more students on more campuses to become multiplying DISCIPLES and God will send more labourers into all Madagascar's universities.
  • Pray for quality follow-up appointments by trainers from Anglican church after our sharing the gospel.
  • Pray for clear vision and strategy for the LeaderImpact team.
  • Pray staff members master new methods and equipment.

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Prayers: 969

  • Spiritual deadness rather than revival characterizes many congregations.  Compromise with the old beliefs, veneration of ancestral spirits and witchcraft are widespread and even increasing among those who claim to be Christians.  Pray the power of Jesus might be manifested, and that many may trust Him completely.
  • Church growth continues in the midst of political and environmental crises. The most notable increases are of charismatic and neo-Pentecostal groups, who have also endured some opposition. The Holy Spirit is moving among students, young people and laypersons, causing the multiplication of small congregations and house groups.