Republic of Madagascar

Population: 20.1 million-97% Malagasy- mixed African, Indonesian and Arab origin




  • Fourth largest island in the world
  • Slightly larger than France

Religious Diversity

  • 53.33% Christian
  • 37.65% Ethnoreligionist
  • 8.00% Muslim
  • 0.24% Non-religious
  • 0.23% Other
  • 0.15% Hindu
  • 0.10% Chinese
  • 0.10% Baha’i

2prayReflect on Acts 1:14 as you pray for Madagascar!

Praise and prayer requests:

Global Church Movement:

  • Praise the LORD for the mission projects begun Ambanja Fenerive 9-18 March, Anjozorobe 5-7 April, and Soamanjaka 5-7 April.
  • Pray for the project of planting 100 churches from now through May in Mahambo, Ambondromamy, Ambato-Boeni Anjiajia and also good health for the team.

Student Led Movement: 

  • Praise and pray for the new strategy plan for 2022-2023.
  • Pray for the Madagascar SLM online conference in June.


  • Please pray for completing the strategy plan and support for it.
  • Please pray we can obtain a car for the ministry team.


  • Pray our operations team gives glory to God through their work (behaviors, internal and external relationships...)
  • Pray the operations team can accelerate all the Ministry Critical Components effectively.


  • Praise God the JESUS Film Partners are continuing to use the JESUS Film equipment to reach their target area.
  • Praise God for the establishing new church plants and prayer groups in all areas where there are JESUS Film Partners.
  • Pray for plans to reach Sambava District in June.
  • Ask God for wisdom as we evaluate and empower the partnership with the Madagascar Evangelical Church (METM) in Arivonimamo next month.

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Prayers: 983

  • Spiritual deadness rather than revival characterizes many congregations.  Compromise with the old beliefs, veneration of ancestral spirits and witchcraft are widespread and even increasing among those who claim to be Christians.  Pray the power of Jesus might be manifested, and that many may trust Him completely.
  • Church growth continues in the midst of political and environmental crises. The most notable increases are of charismatic and neo-Pentecostal groups, who have also endured some opposition. The Holy Spirit is moving among students, young people and laypersons, causing the multiplication of small congregations and house groups.