Republic of Malawi

Population: 15.7 Million
Beautiful Lake Malawi



  • Total area:118,484 sq km, slightly larger than twice the size of Croatia.
  • Landlocked

Religious Diversity

  • 76% Christian
  • 16.90% Muslim
  • 6.50% Ethnoreligionist
  • 0.20% Non-religious
  • 0.20% Hindu
  • 0.20% Baha’i

2prayClaim this scriptural promise 1 John 5:15 as you pray for Malawi!

Praise and prayer requests:

  • Praise the Lord for protecting our staff members and their families throughout the Covid-19  pandemic.
  • Praise the Lord, Christine, Gibson and Enock have successfully completed six months internship, now pray for God's guidance in their next steps.
  • Pray for our next cohort of interns beginning in May.
  • Pray for the upcoming Discipleship Ministry Partner Development (DMPD) training for all full-time staff members beginning 19th of April. Pray the Lord will enable everyone to develop 100% of their support goal.
  • Pray for much fruit in all our field ministry departments, Student Led Movement (SLM), Global Church Movement (GCM), Leader Impact, Athletes in Action (AIA), and Women's strategies.
  • Pray for plans to construct an office complex at our national office property in Lilongwe. This will help with future resource mobilization for the ministry. 
  • Pray for wisdom for our national leadership team and board.
  • Pray for peace and prosperity of the nation of Malawi.
  • Pray for reduction of Covid 19 infections and deaths.

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Prayers: 849
  • Malawi continues to be one of the most spiritually receptive countries in central Africa.  The gospel has penetrated into nearly every section of society in places there have been local revivals.
  • Freedom of religion exists; the various confessions of Christianity and Islam as well as smaller faiths co-exist peacefully.