Republic of Mauritius

Population: 1.3 million
mauritius beach



  • Total area: 2,040 sq km, about the size of Luxembourg.
  • Located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar

Religious Diversity

  • 48.60% Hindu
  • 32.71% Christian
  • 17.02% Muslim
  • 0.42% Non-religious
  • 0.40% Baha’i
  • 0.33% Chinese
  • 0.32% Buddhist
  • 0.20% Sikh

Claim this scriptural promise Jeremiah 29:12 as you pray for Mauritius!

Praise and prayer requests:

    • Praise God thousands of young people connected to recent Student Leadership Movement events, with many taking initiatives.
    • Pray for team unity, love and good communication as we boldly move forward.
    • Pray for focus and discernment.
    • Praise God for 20 more people joining the movement.
    • Thank God for the fruitful church planting training even with government restrictions on gatherings.
    • Grateful for laborers who have entered the harvest. We still need more, grounded in the Word, can navigate in this new season of pandemic and leaders to catch the vision of church multiplication.
    • Praise God for His Goodness and faithfulness. After a chaotic month we rejoice we are all Covid negative. 
    • Praise God the whole team has been vaccinated, regained strength and good health.
    • Praise the LORD during this two year lockdown restrictions, He has connected us with partners like Athletes In Action Canada, Newlife, Biblica, 180° and iMove to help in our mission and Vision.
    • Pray Mauritius will be a Mission Hub for resourcing, training and equipping local and Indian Ocean leaders, churches, and other missionary organisations in fulfilling the Great Commission. 
    • Pray our three year project dubbed GO M.A.D 2023 (Go Make A Disciple) culminating during the next Indian Ocean Island Games in Madagascar in 2023 will be a fruitful harvest. Need mobilize prayer, partners, churches and volunteers.  
    • Pray for peace, passion, perseverance wisdom and discernment in this ‘VUCA World” as we continue proclaiming the Good News. 
    • Pray for upcoming trainings:
      • October 4th, 7th and 8th Planting New Missional Community using JESUS Film materials.
      • Reach4Life Training from 11th to 14th October.
      • October 30th a recreation outreach with street and homeless people.
    • Pray for "My Father's House " project, a house church planting movement with a wholistic perspective.
    • Pray for our Indian Ocean Countries’ leaders and staff teams. It has been two years since leaders and their teams were allowed to travel and have face to face time.  
    • On a personal note, pray God will lead us (the Mollets) and provide miraculously to our needs as we are looking for a wheelchair friendly house and a personal car ( 4×4 with carryboy) to carry stuffs, materials, equipment etc.
    • Pray for  Genuine and Committed AIA leaders for all the islands including Mauritius and Rodrigues. Pray for their needs and support will be provided as well.
    • Most importantly pray for our partner and brother Jayson H as his wife starts chemo tomorrow. We trust God for divine intervention, peace and grace.

    Thank you for praying and clicking “YES I’VE PRAYED”.

    Prayers: 376
  • Freedom of religion is compromised by a strong tendency for Indianization and by implication, Hinduism at the expense of Muslims and Christians.  All religious and missionary activity directed to evangelizing Hindus or Muslims is regarded with disfavor.
  • Among evangelicals, growth is most rapid within the charismatic groups.  Other evangelicals and independent house groups experience modest growth, but not without opposition. Subtle discrimination when applying for official permits - and more open hostility when sharing the gospel - are common.