Republic of Mauritius

Population: 1.3 million
mauritius beach



  • Total area: 2,040 sq km, about the size of Luxembourg.
  • Located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar

Religious Diversity

  • 48.60% Hindu
  • 32.71% Christian
  • 17.02% Muslim
  • 0.42% Non-religious
  • 0.40% Baha’i
  • 0.33% Chinese
  • 0.32% Buddhist
  • 0.20% Sikh

Claim this scriptural promise Jeremiah 29:12 as you pray for Mauritius!

Praise and prayer requests

  • Pray for wisdom to lead in this VUCA World. (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity)
  • Pray for health and protection against Covid 19 variants
  • Pray for genuine partnerships, volunteers and staff recruitments

( Lk 10:2)

  • Pray for solid, intimate and Spirit led relationships for our staff teams with the LORD.
  • Pray for the Global Church Movement (GCM) vision casting and recruiting. Pray for our GCM staff core.
  • Pray for our Multiplying Churches and Communities (MC²) training and national vision casting in June 2022.
  • Pray for safe and fruitful mission trip to Kenya for the JESUS Film Resource Hub Grand Opening. Thank the LORD for the recent JF showing.
  • Pray for our outreach with homeless people in partnership with Life Discovery.
  • Pray for the possibility of a preparation for the Athletes In Action, AIA Canada mission trip to Mauritius in April 2022.
  • Pray for the Indian Ocean Countries Games in Madagascar next year (GO MAD 2023). Pray God draw many athletes to Himself. Projects, for all Indian Ocean Countries leader, teams that will be involved. That God will himself align our hearts.
  • Praise and pray for Campus Crusade for Christ Mauritius 20th anniversary celebration the 2nd October 2022.
  • Pray for our loved ones battling cancer and other health needs of staff members’ families.

Thank you, for praying and clicking “YES, I’VE PRAYED”.

Prayers: 378

  • Freedom of religion is compromised by a strong tendency for Indianization and by implication, Hinduism at the expense of Muslims and Christians.  All religious and missionary activity directed to evangelizing Hindus or Muslims is regarded with disfavor.
  • Among evangelicals, growth is most rapid within the charismatic groups.  Other evangelicals and independent house groups experience modest growth, but not without opposition. Subtle discrimination when applying for official permits - and more open hostility when sharing the gospel - are common.