Republic of Mauritius

Population: 1.3 million
mauritius beach



  • Total area: 2,040 sq km, about the size of Luxembourg.
  • Located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar

Religious Diversity

  • 48.60% Hindu
  • 32.71% Christian
  • 17.02% Muslim
  • 0.42% Non-religious
  • 0.40% Baha’i
  • 0.33% Chinese
  • 0.32% Buddhist
  • 0.20% Sikh

Claim this scriptural promise Jeremiah 29:12 as you pray for Mauritius!

Praise and prayer requests:

  • Pray for our senior staff member’s wife who was flown to South Africa for urgent surgery for tumor in her head. Pray for God’s divine intervention and healing. 
  • Her husband is the head leader in the squatter camp of Malherbes. Please pray for extra strength and grace for those who will now oversee the ministry in his absence.
  • We will host a leader’s training for those working in the squatter camp. Pray for an empowerment program to help fund key leaders and volunteers.
  • Pray for the economy of Mauritius and smaller Rodrigues. So many people have lost their jobs since Covid-19 and now a giant oil spill from a wrecked Japanese tanker has caused the worst ecological disaster in Mauritius history. It has destroyed the pristine waters and the shore and over 500 fishermen are out of work.
  • The administration is struggling to solve the problem. Pray for peace, as many are angry with the government. 
  • Please pray for physical and spiritual health for new staff members as they discover and develop needed ministry partners.
  • Pray for the team leader as they apply to be a foster-care family. 
  • Pray God will bless pilot project, PIERS SELFCARE MODEL (Bringing Hope Changing Lives) the aim is reaching and bless our world.
  • Praise God for two new members to the JESUS Film Project team. They are willing to take further responsibility.
  • We praise God both our Student Led Movement and Global Church Movement have been fruitful, seeing students discipled online and one online church planted.
  • Praise the LORD for church leaders who were trained virtually during the lockdown. They established virtual small groups on Zoom, church services and prayer.

Thank you for praying and clicking “YES, I’VE PRAYED”.

Prayers: 346

  • Freedom of religion is compromised by a strong tendency for Indianization and by implication, Hinduism at the expense of Muslims and Christians.  All religious and missionary activity directed to evangelizing Hindus or Muslims is regarded with disfavor.
  • Among evangelicals, growth is most rapid within the charismatic groups.  Other evangelicals and independent house groups experience modest growth, but not without opposition. Subtle discrimination when applying for official permits - and more open hostility when sharing the gospel - are common.