Department of Réunion

           The Flag of France
Population: approximately 800,000

            Scenic Reunion



  • Total area: 2512 sq km, about the size of Luxembourg
  • La Réunion island an overseas département of France in the western Indian Ocean. Located about 420 miles east of Madagascar and 110 miles southwest of Mauritius.
  • Similar to the island of Hawaii insofar as both are located above hot-spots in the earth’s crust

Religious Diversity

  • 86.96% Christian
  • 6.42% Hindu
  • 4.05% Muslim
  • 2.49% Non-religious
  • 0.08% Baha’i


Claim this scriptural promise Ephesians 3:20 as you pray for Reunion!

Prayer Items
  • Pray for mature leadership among the young, growing churches. This is a priority. Most leadership training is informal or must be pursued outside the territory.
  • Even though the dark legacy of slavery was abolished in 1848, it still overshadows the present. The Creole population is descendant from those slaves. Poverty, unemployment, alcoholism, dysfunctional families and high illegitimacy have marginalized this large underclass.
  • As the JESUS Film is shown, pray for solid decisions to trust the LORD for salvation.
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Prayers: 132

  • There is freedom of religion, but Catholicism is culturally dominate. French anti-sect legislation is putting pressure on smaller religious groups and denominations.