Republic of South Africa

Population: 50.5 million


  • Total area: 1,219,090 sq km, about twice the size of the Ukraine
  • South Africa completely surrounds Lesotho and almost completely surrounds Swaziland

Religious Diversity

  • 75.24% Christian
  • 13.50% Ethnoreligionist
  • 7.73% Non-religious
  • 1.73% Muslim
  • 1.20% Hindu
  • 0.42% Baha’i
  • 0.15% Jewish
  • 0.03% Buddhist/Chinese

2prayReflect on Isaiah 65:24 as you pray for South Africa!

Praise and prayer requests

  • Praise the LORD for leading our Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) ministry through a very challenging, but fruitful 2020. The LORD healed many staff members from Covid 19. We are very thankful for His healing touch and His amazing grace.
  • Thank the LORD for the way prayer has been the focus for each Mission Critical Component (MCC) of our national staff team.  We have managed using virtual platforms to have weekly allocated prayer times.
  • God is our source of creativity!  With Lockdown Level-3 in South Africa, our heavenly Father has answered our prayers with regards for creativity in ministry. We praise Jesus for the ministry strategies which have overcome challenges with “out of the box” ideas from the Lord.
  • Pray for our National Team Leaders, as we move into 2021 with new plans, adjusting as necessary because of COVID-19 restrictions. Pray for renewed devotion to Jesus and obedience to the Holy Spirit’s voice. (Galatians 6:9) Pray we will not grow weary in doing good.
  • Pray for all our South African staff members, volunteers and disciples, for protection and health, and spiritual revival in such a time as this.
  • Pray we will not walk by sight but by faith, moving forward in ministry to the lost, not intimidated by fear, caused by Covid-19.
  • Pray for our South African President and government. They need the LORD’s wisdom and vision. Many do not know Jesus as personal LORD and Saviour, pray for their salvation and their openness to hear God’s plan for our nation.

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Prayers: 988

  • Freedom of religion. A strong push to give all religions equal say has given high profile to the ethnic African religions, Islam, Hinduism, humanism and the interfaith movement at the expense of Christianity.
  • The continuing expanding mission involvement and global vision of South Africans are encouraging. Innovative strategies for sending and supporting are underway and work is growing from among all races and denominational types.  Most evangelical congregations have some involvement in mission work in other countries, especially in central and southern Africa