Republic of South Sudan

Population: 10.6 million (estimate)
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  • Total area: 619,745 sq. km. over twice the size of Poland.
  • Landlocked
  • Capital:  Juba (and largest city)
  • Became independent from Sudan 9 July 2011

Religious Diversity

  • Numerous different ethnic groups who are mostly Christian or follow traditional religions

2prayEmploy the scripture John 8:32 as you pray for South Sudan!

Praise and prayer requests

  • Thank God for health and safety of our staff team and families.
  • Praise God for the stability in many parts of the country.
  • Praise God for training 150 pastors and evangelists in Multiplying Churches and Communities (MC2) in Western Equatoria State.
  • Praise God for partnerships between the New Life Ministry (Cru) and four Anglican Churches in key Dioceses.
  • Praise God for partnerships with World Children Fund and Medical Mission International, enabling medical service to thousands and food to the most vulnerable people.
  • Praise God our partnership with UNTO has helped to provide clean drinking water, repair and rehabilitated many wells and provided food for the needy. 
  • Pray for total stability in the country, some parts are insecure primarily caused by the armed cattle herders.
  • Pray for safety and provision for our missionary staff from Chad who is posted in the rural village in Opari.
  • Pray our CCC staff team in South Sudan will discover and develop faithful ministry partners to invest in their ministry.
  • Ask God to provide the right people to establish and run a Resource Development office.
  • Pray we will reach the missional gap in South Sudan and for the JESUS Film to be launched in their heart language.
  • South Sudan is endowed with great natural resources and good agricultural land. However, the rich control most of these and many citizens are living in dire poverty. Pray God will raise good leaders who fear God, and have the country and citizens in their hearts.

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Prayers: 970

  • From the mid-1950s, even before Sudan shook off its colonial yoke in 1956, the southern Sudanese were chafing for more rights. Sudan had an unusually clear fault line, reinforced by British colonizers, with the southern third mostly animist and Christian and the northern part majority Muslim and long dominated by Arabs.
  • The southern struggle for independence became a full-fledged rebellion in the 1960s and then again in the 1980s, and the Sudanese government responded brutally, bombing villages and unleashing militias that massacred civilians and enslaved southern Sudanese children. Many of the same scorched-earth tactics associated with the crisis in Darfur, in Sudan’s west, in the mid-2000s, were tried and tested long before that in southern Sudan.