Republic of Tanzania

Population: 45 million



  • Total area: 947,300 Slightly larger than three times the size of Poland.
  • Includes the islands of Maifia, Pemba and Zanzibar

Religious Diversity

  • 54.07% Christian
  • 31.30% Muslim
  • 12.97% Ethnoreligionist
  • 0.90% Hindu
  • 0.43% Baha’i
  • 0.40% Non-religious
  • 0.03% Sikh

2prayClaim the scriptural promise of Matthew 21:22 as you pray for Tanzania!

Praise and prayer requests

  • Praise God for the Multiplying Churches and Communities (MCC) team preparing Story Runners material for Swahili speakers.
  • Ten volunteers are now trained to share their faith. Pray this will inspire them to serve Christ.
  • Many high school students have been trained how to share their faith, pray for multiplication of these efforts
  • Global Church Movement in partnership with, Unto (formerly GAiN the humanitarian ministry of Cru), enabled opening doors to reach Muslim women and some were trained to share their faith in the Masai area. Pray they will be strong regardless of the reactions from husbands/relatives
  • Praise God for open hearts of many church leaders who were trained on MCC. Seven congregations recently gathered and plan to plant more new churches
  • God is using one volunteer, who participated in the Story Runners training, to train 51 people to share their stories and 23 prayed to receive Christ. Pray these efforts continue to bear much fruit.
  • Praise God for this wonderful news. Pray many groups or churches will be planted by these efforts.
  • Pray those partnering with us will desire to walk blamelessly and be strong as they minister.
  • As we seek partners, pray God will provide faithful and committed leaders for church planting and be good stewards of the Jesus film equipment.

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Prayers: 1014

  • Great growth among Christians must not obscure the real needs.  The coast, Zanzibar and many of the peoples in the southern provinces are largely or almost entirely Muslim.  Increased conversions from among Muslims still leave the great majority unreached.
  • There is religious freedom, and equal rights and opportunities for both Muslims and Christians to worship and propagate their faiths.
  • There has been a peaceful change from the well-intentioned but disastrous socialist experiment to a freer, democratic society.
  • There is wide spread move of the Holy Spirit in many denominations resulting in vigorous outreach, bold faith and vision for advancement.