Republic of Uganda

Population: 33.7 million
uganda crest



  • Total area: 241,040 sq km, slightly smaller than the United Kingdom (UK).
  • Uganda was called the “Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill

Religious Diversity

  • 84.74% Christian
  • 11.49% Muslim
  • 2.65% Ethnoreligionist
  • 0.47% Non-religious
  • 0.35% Hindu
  • 0.30% Baha’i

2prayClaim the scriptural promise of Micah 7:7 you pray for Uganda!

Praise and prayer requests:

  • Ask the LORD for His blessings as we continue celebrating 50 years since LIFE Ministry Uganda was founded.
  • Praise God for the thousands of lives changed during these fifty years.
  • Praise the LORD as our LMU staff members continue using the “win-build-send” approach to ministry.
  • Pray God will lead our staff teams to reach out to leaders in various levels in our country.
  • Pray for the various in person and virtual activities planned throughout the country in celebration of this anniversary.
  • Pray our staff members will experience good health as the Covid lockdowns fluctuate. 
  • Pray the fund development drive "Tereka mu Ggulu" (Store in Heaven) will increase financial resources for the Ministry.

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Prayers: 1200

Praise and prayer requests

  • Thank God the Ministry of Education & Sports plans to re-open schools, next month and in January. Pray all goes well since institutions of learning have been affected for two years due to COVID-19 lockdowns.
  • Praise the LORD for staff members’ resiliency in maintaining student discipleship efforts through digital platforms. Pray for continued spiritual growth.
  • Thank God for the 28 leaders the LeaderImpact team is helping to form new LI Groups; these have been trained and are forming groups out the seven initial groups.
  • Pray for a good delegation from Uganda to attend the upcoming virtual Global Leader Impact Summit.
  • Praise and pray for the LI staff team and their families staying healthy.
  • Pray for continued provision, strength and effective use of the internet in facilitating ongoing digital ministries.  
  • Please pray for various Jubilee celebrations being planned across Uganda later this year through 2022, accompanied by premiers of various JESUS film projects. Pray for resources, partnerships, swiftness in preparations and set objectives will be met. 
  • Thank God for the combined efforts of staff teams, associates, regional leaders, ministry partners, former staff and other stakeholders. All are coming together to pray, contribute and mobilize for the Jubilee celebrations. 
  • Please pray the celebration events will open new doors for ministry and partnerships. Pray for a thorough follow through afterwards.  

Thank you for praying and clicking “YES, I’VE PRAYED”.