Republic of Zambia

Population: 13.4 million



  • Total area: 752,618, a little over twice the size of Germany
  • Landlocked. Shares borders with seven countries

Religious Diversity

  • 86.95% Christian
  • 10.80 Ethnoreligionist
  • 1.4% Muslim
  • 0.85% Other

2prayClaim the scriptural promise of John 10:10 as you pray for Zambia.

Praise and prayer requests:

  • Praise God for the successful online students’ project done in Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces. 10,193 people liked or viewed our Facebook ministry campaign.
  • Thank God for the new student ministry opened at Lusaka Apex Medical University with nine new members.
  • Pray for positive following up the 28 people involved during the online student mission.
  • Praise God for 1,000 Bibles donated from Global Church Movement (GCM) office. The Bibles are a great blessing for the new churches being planted.
  • Praise God for 17 new churches planted this year, despite the Covid challenges.
  • Pray for God’s protection for pastors and partners serving with Campus Crusade for Christ to help advance God’s Kingdom.
  • Pray the LORD will raise key volunteers or partners for the seven strategic locations the Global Church Movement (GCM) desires to reach.
  • Praise God three churches in Bauleni, Chongwe and Mtendere provided their churches and equipment for the nine week pastors training. Graduation and commissioning is Monday 9 August.
  • Thank God for partners in USA who funded the pastors training. Thank God for over 200 church leaders who attended the training.
  • Thank God for the strength, good health, focus, love and grace the LORD gave us to work as a solid team during the Church Leaders Training. To God be all the glory, honor and praise!
  • Pray God will provide ministry partners to help supply undesignated ministry funds.
  • Ask God to help staff to understand the NetSuite software completely.
  • Pray the LORD will guide development of funds to be used in day to day operations and meeting statutory obligations.
  • Thank God for the mass reduction in the Covid cases.
  • Pray the Church in Zambia will continue providing spiritual guidance to the nation.
  • Pray for peace before, during and after Zambia’s elections 12th August 2021.
  • Pray against political violence and for God’s will to prevail for the country.
  • Pray God will help young people in this country to exhibit good morals.
  • Continue praying for funds for the team to successfully conduct Online New Staff Training.
  • Pray God will guide the Athletes in Action (AIA) team to strengthen and expand online coaches ministry.
  • Pray our AIA team will recruit more volunteers for online ministry and for God’s provision for staff as we continue online ministry. Also pray for God’s protection from the pandemic for our families.
  • Ask the Lord for positive influencing by Coaches to Players as our AIA team meets with Coaches.
  • Pray the Lord will give the Embassy Executive Ministry (EEM) team members a passion for souls within their mission field.
  • Pray for the planning and evaluation of the second half of the year and 2022
  • Pray for recruitment of more young members by EEM.
  • Pray for wisdom, creativity and resilience for EEM members ministering in these difficult economic times of Covid.
  • Pray for courage, strength and faithfulness as our staff team continues Discipleship Ministry Partner Development (DMPD) during the pandemic and local churches will continue partnering with missionaries.
  • Ask for God's provision, the staff team’s determination and open doors in doing DMPD despite the challenge of Covid.

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Prayers: 981

  • Freedom of all religions is practiced, and the opportunity to minister as believers adds to the many challenges Zambia faces.  However, it means an open door for Christian work.
  • The Constitution provides for freedom of religion, and the Government generally respected this right in practice. A 1996 amendment to the Constitution declared Christianity to be the official religion of the country while upholding the right of every person to enjoy that person's freedom of conscience or religion.