Republic of Zambia

Population: 13.4 million



  • Total area: 752,618, a little over twice the size of Germany
  • Landlocked. Shares borders with seven countries

Religious Diversity

  • 86.95% Christian
  • 10.80 Ethnoreligionist
  • 1.4% Muslim
  • 0.85% Other

2prayClaim the scriptural promise of John 10:10 as you pray for Zambia.

Praise and prayer requests

  • Praise God the evangelistic campaign by Global Church Movement team resulted in 383 receiving
  • Thank the LORD 36 church leaders were trained in evangelism and discipleship; many had opportunities to sharetheir faith.
  • Pray for mobilizing partners for church planting in 2022. Pray key volunteers in various parts of the country will be instrumental in church planting e
  • Pray the national ministry will stay current with Netsuite transactions.
  • Pray for the national office’s strategic plan to raise undesignated funds and for team members who can develop local funds for the ministry.
  • Pray for funds to purchase vehicles for administration and field ministry.
  • Pray Operations will help supported staff to access their online MPDX reports
  • Pray the Digital strategy plans will be efficient and effective in implementing their six month plan (January to June 2022).
  • Pray the planned the zoom pastors trainings from January to June 2022 will develop partnerships. Also pray for the funding of these trainings this year and beyond.
  • Thank God the Student Led Movement had a fruitful online mission.
  • Pray for successful training of 100 SLM volunteers in the first quarter of 2022.
  • Pray for divine health over the Zambian ministry staff team.
  • Praise God for His provision in the Leader Impact during difficult year (2021) and pray for the enlistment of new members.
  • Pray for renewed zeal by national leaders for God’s work.

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Prayers: 1007

  • Freedom of all religions is practiced, and the opportunity to minister as believers adds to the many challenges Zambia faces.  However, it means an open door for Christian work.
  • The Constitution provides for freedom of religion, and the Government generally respected this right in practice. A 1996 amendment to the Constitution declared Christianity to be the official religion of the country while upholding the right of every person to enjoy that person's freedom of conscience or religion.