Republic of Zimbabwe

Population: 12.3 million
zimbabwe victoria falls2



  • Total area: 752,618, slightly larger than Texas
  • Landlocked. Shares borders with seven countries.

Religious Diversity

  • 77.99% Christian
  • 19.2% Ethnoreligionist
  • 1.40% Non-religious
  • 1.10% Muslim
  • 0.20% Baha’i
  • 0.08% Hindu
  • 0.02% Jewish
  • 0.01% Buddhist

2prayClaim this scriptural promise Psalm 138:3 as you pray for Zimbabwe.

Praise and prayer requests:

  • Thank you God most of our staff members are safe and healthy from covid. A few have been infected, but have recovered and are safe in their homes.
  • Thank the LORD for His amazing ways of providing for our staff families.
  • Praise God for the various ways our staff team has adapted so quickly to ministering virtually and with positive results this past year.
  • Pray for wisdom, understanding and acceptance for the staff restructuring taking place in our country.  
  • Pray for Zimbabwe's covid spike to reduce and for God to heal our land. The pandemic has claimed three times more lives in December and January than since it reached our land.
  • Pray the Holy Spirit will direct, without favoritism, the replacement of our national strategy leaders who are now at ALMA (Africa Leadership & Management Academy).
  • Ask God to lead our staff members to discover ministry partners who will be strong and faithful. 

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Prayers: 987

The church in Zimbabwe has grown, but so have the challenges. Pray for a clear stand against witchcraft and demonic powers or veneration of ancestors in the guise of nationalism. Muslims are a small minority but wield a disproportionate influence through foreign aid ‘with strings’, mosque-building and scholarships in Muslim universities.